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Color Block 2™ 


Redefining LED Lighting


Following the enormous success of the Color Block™ LED fixture with

rental companies and end users alike, we have combined the product’s

core elements of modularity and versatility with new single colour RGBA

optics, 530 lumens output (almost double the original model) and theatrical

grade dimming to create the exceptional feature set of the Color Block 2 fixture.



¤  CRI of 90 - for tungsten emulation

¤  Enhanced colour range - create subtle theatrical hues

¤  Single colour diffused optics - virtually eliminate multicoloured shadows

    & offer camera friendly output

¤  Exceptional colour brightness & light output levels

¤  Advanced beam spreading technology - even colour mix across the beam

¤  Modular construction with range of fixing accessories - easily configured

    as a wide variety of shapes


Size: (A x B x C): 250 x 62 x 119 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg

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Color Block™ 5 way PSU 


The power supply shall provide control of up to 5 Color Block DB4 units. The power supply shall include built-in programming features. The power supply shall work as a stand-alone unit. The power supply shall include 9 pre-progammed looks and store up to 42 custom programmed looks on board. The power supply shall feature a real time clock. The power supply shall feature 64 time triggers. The power supply shall feature a large backlit LCD display.


¤  1 unit controls up to 5 DB4

¤  9 pre-programmed looks

¤  Can store 42 user programmed looks

¤  9 control modes

¤  3 grouping modes

¤  Time and day

¤  Backlit LCD display

¤  Synchronisation across power supply for the effects engine




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