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CM Prostar 250 kg LVC


The durable and compact solution for smaller venues


The CM Prostar models are designed and built for the unique rigging

applications encountered at small venues. At less than 16 kgs, the

lightweight, quiet and portable CM Prostar features an overload device

that protects the hoist, operator and structure from damaging overloads.



¤  DC Electromechanical Brake

¤  Precision Machined Gears

¤  One Piece Jam-free Chain Guide

¤  Lightweight Cast Aluminum Housing

¤  Adjustable Screw Limit Switch

¤  Patented 10 Pocket Oblique Lift wheel


Price includes:

¤  3-Phase Operation (3x415V)

¤  Low Voltage Operation (LVC) 

¤  Chain bag, Handles & Hook

¤  Power & Control Cables

¤  NOT INCLUDED: Chain (ref. CML-C0160)



Size (B x H x D): 151 x 102 x 318 mm

Weight: 13 kg




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