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DF-50 ProFusion™

The DIFFUSION™ HAZER is the cleanest most cost effective
atmospheric hazer. DIFFUSION™ haze is totally odorless and can only be
detected visually.
Safest, cleanest, and most efficient hazer for the
entertainment industry. Provides safe and economical non-glycol haze with
no heat. Fog Hang Time is over 3 hours in an enclosed space. No warm up
period required. Haze fluid is odorless and leaves no residue when used
properly. Holds 2 liters fluid, 35+ hours of runtime. Weighs only 35 lbs. 5
year warranty on compressor, CAL-OSHA tested for safety. Accessories
include: remote control road case, traveling road case, auto timer, auto fill.

Technical data:
¤ Motor: Brushless, AC, Ball bearing, 1+ Horsepower
¤ Power: 200-240V 1.9A (50 or 60 Hz)
¤ Controls: On/Off switch / DMX optional
¤ Weight: 16 kg
¤ Measurements: (HxWxL): 35x38x21 cm
¤ Warranty: Compressor: 5-year parts and labor. All other components:

One year parts and labor
¤ Safety Testing: CAL-OSHA, League of American Theaters, Actors Equity,
CE Approved


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