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The ICE FOG range of low fog generators produces a large volume of cool fog for the effects that require a low-lying fog. The high output can be sustained continuously, producing a constant volume of very dry and dense white low-lying fog. Both models use MDG Low Fog Fluid, a glycol-based fluid. All ICE FOG low fog generators come with a two-year warranty. Adjusting of the flow of liquid CO2 coolant/propellant regulates the volume of fog produced. All ICE FOG units may be run at 100% duty continuously to maintain a constant amount of fog output. Each ICE FOG low fog generator is built into a self-contained rolling road case that can be closed while the unit is operating, which further reduces its already-quiet noise emission level. ICE FOG low fog generators are designed specifically to produce a high volume of fog non-stop without compromising the quiet ambience of
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"Dunst" er en type røykvæske spesielt utviklet for tåkeeffekt
og er raskt oppløselig. Leveres i kanne á 5 liter. Dunst
røykvæske er et utgått produkt i fra sortimentet hos Safex.

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