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Open DMX USB Interface


The open DMX USB hardware solution provided to the community by ENTTEC


The open source DMX USB interface brought to the community by Enttec, works under Windows and Linux. This DMX USB interface is based on the FTDI 232BM chip, it's a USB to serial converter. Using a simple application on a PC you can send and receive DMX512.


Technical Specifications:

¤ Weight: 0.3 kg

¤ Width: 57.5 mm

¤ Height: 40 mm

¤ Depth: 77 mm

¤ Power Requirements: 300mA supplied by USB

¤ Operating Environment: 0°-50°C in noncondensing environment


NB. For professional use, please use the PRO model (ENT-C0260)


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Born from the Open DMX USB interface the PRO version is the ultimate USB DMX adapter for all computer based lighting needs. Features: Micro processor enabled, 1500 V full isolation (data & power lines to protect your computer from surges), 1 Input & 1 Output connector (there is only one DMX port though), RDM (talkback) compatible, Internal frame buffering (will work on any PC), Will talk at any comm's speed, compatible with any system for which the FTDI chip has drivers (Windows, OSX, Linux..), Universe & user config EEPROM, Refresh Rate configurable from 1 to 40Hz, Break configurable from 96uS to 1.3mS, MaB configurable from 10.6uS to 1.3mS, No Receive framing problems (compared to Open DMX USB), Upgradeable firmware.


DMX USB PRO er mer velegnet hvis man har en pc som kjører mange programmer, eller har litt lite minne, så vil ikke denne "lægge" da den har en innebygget microprossessor, den har også en isolert spenningskrets, slik at den ikke vil ødelegge pc'n ved en kortslutning i f.eks en lampe den styrer.


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