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Ethernet to dual DMX:

DMXEthergate Mk3 has dual DMX ports, supports multiple protocols and can be easily configured using any web browser thanks to the built-in web-server. The new interface is easy to use, allows many possible options and lets you configure the unit as needed.


Multiple Protocol Support:

Art-Net 1/2/3



RDM Over Art-Net



Web-based configuration

Dual DMX: 2 input, 2 output or 1 in 1 out ports

Supports Art-Net, sACN, and ESP.

Supports HTP Merging (upto 2 sources)

Supports RDM Over Art-Net (controller)

Broadcast or Unicast (Input mode)


Price include:

¤ 1 m power supply cable with Schuko plug

¤ 1 User manual in English


Accessories (optional):

¤ 5-pin to 3-pin DMX Adapter

¤ 2U 19” Rack Mount Kit

¤ 1U 19” Rack Mount Kit

¤ 5M 5-pin DMX Cable



Size: (B x H x D): 105 x 44.45 x 191 mm

Weight: 2 kg


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Designed specifically to house ENTTEC’s ODE and ODE with POE devices.

Safely mount ODE
The best way to mount your ODE and ODE POE devices. Keep your ODE safe and secure. Comes with necessary screws, so simply insert your ODE and mount

Solid and Reliable
Made from the finest materials, the truss mount is built to last. Reliable to perform the connections at an instant.

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Datagate Mk2


The Datagate is the cornerstone of any DMX network


It can be:

¤  DMX Hub/Splitter
¤  DMX Merger (HTP or LTP)
¤  DMX -> Ethernet
¤  Ethernet-> DMX
¤  Or any combination of the above

The Datagate has 10 profiles, each profile reconfigures it to perform a
specific task, the Datagate comes with the following factory profiles:

¤  DMX Hub
¤  4Way Isolator
¤  7 to 1 HTP Merger
¤  DMX -> Ethernet
¤  Ethernet -> DMX
¤  Artnet

The user can also create their own profiles to make the Datagate perform
however he/she wants. With the flick of a switch the Datagate can become

a completely different product, thus replacing many devices such as DMX

hubs, mergers, or DMX/Ethernet converter boxes with one single unit. Profiles

are edited using the ENTTEC NMU (Node Management Utility). The Datagate

has 8 input or output DMX ports, and supports up to 8 DMX over Ethernet

universes (channels). When a DMX port is configured as an input simply plug

in the gender changer into the required port. Port 8 has both connectors male

and female.

Technical Specification:
¤  8 x 1500v opto isolated DMX ports
¤  Break time configurable for each DMX port (88us to 1ms)
¤  DMX Refresh rate configurable for each port (2Hz -> 44Hz)
¤  Number of channels configurable for each port (1 to 512)
¤  Profile editing and setup done through easy menu structure or inbuilt
¤  Data throughput Statistics available through webpage
¤  Supports ESP & ARTNET protocols for DMX over Ethernet
¤  Routing Engine supports Copy, Merge HTP, Merge LTP
¤  LCD display provides status information on port direction, and data flow
¤  The Datagate DE & DME also includes LightFactory Limited Edition
¤  Inbuilt Autoranging (90-260V) Mains power supply
¤  CE, FCC certified


The Datagate can be quickly upgraded using a license code from one
version to another, thus minimizing the initial investment.


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