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The XWL series encompasses both, W-DMX as well as CRMX compatible and compact wireless DMX transmitters and receivers. W-DMX from Wireless Solution and CRMX from LumenRadio are the leading technologies for wireless DMX transmission. With a latency of only about 5 ms, CRMX and W-DMX guarantee a DMX connection with the properties and reliability level equivalent to those of a wired link. Several transmitters can be operated in parallel, each of which is easily linkable to any number of receivers and capable of handling one full universe of 512 DMX channels. All XWL products are equipped with M10/M12 and 3/8" threads to provide a variety of installation possibilities, such as mounting on a microphone stand.




¤  Wireless DMX receiver (XWL-R models)
¤  Wireless DMX transmitter (XWL-T models)
¤  Available with W-DMX™ or CRMX™
¤  M10/M12 threads for truss mount
¤  3/8” thread for mounting on a microphone stand
¤  Built-in power supply (powerCON connected)
¤  Compact, rugged housing


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