Chester Chest Harness black (C64) – One size


Chest harness for seat harness



¤ Transforms the NAVAHO SIT into a fall arrest harness when connected

   to the ventral attachment point of the seat harness

¤ Sternal attachment point for connecting a fall arrest system

¤ Shoulder straps and chest strap equipped with self-locking DoubleBack


¤ CE EN 12277 type D and CE EN 361 (with a seat harness)



Size (one size)

Weight: 600 g


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Ascension B17 RN / B17 LN
Handled ascender

¤ Inclined teeth and self-cleaning slots for grip on
wet, icy or muddy ropes
¤ Right or Left handed
¤ For ropes of 8 to 13mm diameter
¤ EN 567, EN 12841 type B
¤ CE marked
¤ Weight: 196g
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400,00 ekskl. mva

Stop D09 NOI
Self-braking descender

¤ Offers great control for descending ropes
¤ Self-braking system
¤ Prevents rope from twisting
¤ For ropes 10 to 11mm diameter
¤ EN 341 class A
¤ CE marked
¤ Weight: 326g
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Figure 8 D01
Anti-burn figure-8 descender

¤ For descending on single or double ropes 8 to 13mm
¤ High-strength forged aluminium
¤ Weight: 100g
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150,00 ekskl. mva

Pirana D05 N

¤ For single or double ropes 8 to 13mm
¤ 3 different friction confi gurations
¤ The rope can be installed without detaching the
descender from the karabiner or karabiner from harness
¤ High-strength forged aluminium
¤ Weight: 90g
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